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Why is there a hole in my brain?

I volunteered for an MRI study at Baylor College of Medicine, where they give you a couple bucks and a copy of the structural data for your brain. It was an interesting experience, I’ve never had an MRI before. They … Continue reading

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Jell-O Turkey – Jell-O Turkey – Jell-O Turkey

People seemed to like the Jello Turkey last year, so here you go. Enjoy. I may post something soon. Times are rough with my running. I’ve got a bit of a pain in my quadricep ever since San Antonio. It’s … Continue reading

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San Antonio Marathon – 4:29:06

Here we are at the start, from left to right, there’s me, Holden, Phyllis, Tonia, and Rex, chilling out before the start, talking trash, guaranteeing crazy crazy things. I did many things wrong the morning before the race, including not … Continue reading

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San Antonio Expo

It’s impossible to not get excited in this environment. Race numbers, chips, tee-shirts, the smell of determination fills the air. At the expo, I found some free copies of Inside Texas Running, and I picked one up, happy to see … Continue reading

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Dean v. Lance

This morning was the last group run, a little 8 miler, as we taper. It was the first time back with the group since my last marathon, and it occurred to me, some people that promised me hugs, didn’t pay … Continue reading

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