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Clear Lake Fitness Club Spring Program

Get in shape.Stay in shape.Improve your speed.

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Climbing the rock wall, running the track

Hi America, It’s good to see you. Things have been busy for me the last few days. I visited the climbing wall at UH, which I’ve never done, and have been putting it off for a year or more. It … Continue reading

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7-point-something with the club

This morning, my long run, something like 7.4 miles or so. I still don’t really have a schedule. For the time being I think I’ll keep kicking around running what I feel like running. Then for a couple months I’m … Continue reading

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Back to form

Ifs you knows me, you knows that I loves me the junk miles. 3 miles yesterday morning.3 miles this morning. Mmmm mmmm good. Its easier these days to get out the door since there’s no marathon looming. As much as … Continue reading

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Seabrook Marathizzon – March 17 & 18

Hi Bloggers, As you may know, the Clear Lake Fitness Club puts on a marathon every year called the Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon. We’ve always had a marathon and a halfamarathon a 4-person relay on the Sunday before St. Patrick’s … Continue reading

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My Cholesterol Test Results

Last Friday, The University of Houston gave all faculty and staff and students free cholesterol screenings, I guess as a Valentine’s Day gift. I’ve never had it checked before and I was kind of worried, since I’m pretty active, but … Continue reading

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TMC Recap – Boy -> Man -> Superman

I’m sitting on my sofa, watching the New Yankee Workshop, enjoying my pre-breakfast ice cream sundae, and refectizzing back on my TMC. It has been a long season, full of ups and downs. I fondly remember that naive young boy … Continue reading

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Surfside Marathon – 4:47 or 4:48 or something

Hi America, how are you? You look good. There was a big question mark going into this race as to when I would finish. I was looking back at my training log in the days before and it seemed the … Continue reading

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Recovering from a cold

Here is how my recovery is progressing… Tuesday – 30 minutes swimming. Thursday – 30 minutes runnizzing on the bridge. I felt terrible and stopped after only one loop. I’ve been symptom free for several days, but it doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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