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About Keith Kelleher

A neurobiologist, number cruncher, data miner, runner (lacking only speed), and a kung fu master (lacking only the knowledge of kung fu).

Assortment of Figures

Herein lies an assortment of the many figures I’ve made over the years.  The emphasis of these is typically on information and understandability: things a good scientist should emphasize. You’ll find images, 2d and 3d plots, and combinations to illustrate … Continue reading

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Passwords and Passphrases

There are 95 typeable characters to use in your passwords.  A nice long random string of those 95 characters is probably the most secure password.  Secure, but hard to remember.  Here’s a webpage I wrote to generate secure passwords and … Continue reading

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CV / Resume in HTML / CSS3

Dear Internet, I’ve translated my CV into HTML/CSS from it’s old LaTex form.  I use LaTeX a few times per year, which means every time I’m dreading the thought of it.  Maybe if I used it everyday, I’d get the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Certified Professional

It’s official.  I have many talents.  This is step one for my MCSD certification which will undoubtedly bring me fortune and glory, kid.  Probably somebody should hire me while I’m affordable. Best, Keith.

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Curve Fitting in Excel

Dear Internet, My name is Keith and I have a hammer. It is called “curve fitting.” The world is full of nails that could be, and in my opinion, absolutely should be hit with this hammer. I know, I know, … Continue reading

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Multilayer Perceptron in MATLAB / Octave

At some point in my life, as perhaps in yours, I had to write a multilayer perceptron code from scratch. It is a useful exercise, and the result posted here is a nice, barebones implementation that I use on occasion … Continue reading

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Create and print a sundial

Dear Internet, Here’s a little project I put together out of curiosity. Given latitude, longitude, date and time, where is the sun relative to you? Answer: it’s a whole mess of sines and cosines and stuff. Once you calculate it … Continue reading

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Hello, planet Earth! Welcome to our Brain Annex, that repository for all the things that tend to fall out of our brains, so we write them down here, where you can access them as well.  We are Keith and Claudia, … Continue reading

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Hi America, Did I mention…

Hi America, How are you? It’s been a long time since I’ve blooged. Did I mention that I graduated with my Ph.D.? I’m not sure if I blooged it. It is called blooging isn’t it? I can’t even remember that. … Continue reading

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working / teaching

Hey America, How have you been? You look good. Well, you don’t look bad anyway. I am here, writing my dissertation, which may be the reason why I find it urgent to update my blog. Yeah, I was brainstorming what … Continue reading

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