Create and print a sundial

Dear Internet,

Here’s a little project I put together out of curiosity. Given latitude, longitude, date and time, where is the sun relative to you? Answer: it’s a whole mess of sines and cosines and stuff. Once you calculate it though, you’re just a few more sines and cosines away from being able to draw out a cool sun dial. I wrote this bit of code in php, which creates an svg sundial for your location that you can print out. Free fun for kids and cool dudes and fly ladies.

Here it is.  Create and print your own printable sundial.
Sundial Wizerd

And here’s a site that done helped me to gets the sines and cosines figured.

Let me know if you like it or hate it.
Best, Keith.

About Keith Kelleher

A neurobiologist, number cruncher, data miner, runner (lacking only speed), and a kung fu master (lacking only the knowledge of kung fu).
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