CV / Resume in HTML / CSS3

Dear Internet,

I’ve translated my CV into HTML/CSS from it’s old LaTex form.  I use LaTeX a few times per year, which means every time I’m dreading the thought of it.  Maybe if I used it everyday, I’d get the kinks worked out, but that’s not likely to happen ever.

How the page looks on smaller screens How the page looks on a wide screenHere’s my updated version.  Keith Kelleher, Ph.D.  Feel free to adapt it to your needs, but I would like to hear if you have found it useful.  It uses some JavaScript / JQuery to expand / collapse sections.  The CSS even adapts to the media style, so if you print it, you won’t print the expander buttons.  Also, if your screen is too small, it adjusts a bit to fit better, removes the pic of me etc.  You’d need to download all the necessary files as well, the CSS, the .js files, the icons.  The icons came from the interweb, there are 15 different ones in the whole set.  I like them because they look like merit badges.

Best, Keith.

About Keith Kelleher

A neurobiologist, number cruncher, data miner, runner (lacking only speed), and a kung fu master (lacking only the knowledge of kung fu).
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  1. Su Kang-Yi says:

    GOOD and Thank you

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