Hello, planet Earth!

Welcome to our Brain Annex, that repository for all the things that tend to fall out of our brains, so we write them down here, where you can access them as well.  We are Keith and Claudia, two post-doctoral neurobiologists working in sunny La Jolla, California.  We’ll post various things here, from protocols, to tips and tricks we’ve used to get our experiments working.  We’re both experts in in vitro electrophysiology, whole cell patch clamp, field recordings, fluorescence imaging, etc.  As for our non-overlapping skills, Claudia has experience with in vivo physiology, and has tons of molecular biology experience.  I, on the other hand, I did run a protein gel once (twice actually, since I messed up the first one).  My own experience extends to neuronal modeling and advanced data analysis methods and data mining.

Best of luck,
Keith & Claudia

About Keith Kelleher

A neurobiologist, number cruncher, data miner, runner (lacking only speed), and a kung fu master (lacking only the knowledge of kung fu).
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