Hi America, Did I mention…

Hi America, How are you?

It’s been a long time since I’ve blooged. Did I mention that I graduated with my Ph.D.? I’m not sure if I blooged it. It is called blooging isn’t it? I can’t even remember that.

Did I also tell you that we moved to California? I’m sure I blooged that one. I may be lazy, but even I wouldn’t forget to bloog that.

Here’s a nice picture of the sunset from the cliffs here in sunny San Diego.

I’m sure I already told you that I got a post-doc at the Salk Institute. Did I tell you? Maybe not. Maybe I’m terrible. Anyway, here I am at the Salk. On the equini the sun lines up with the river that runs through our central courtyard, so that’s pretty cool.

Here I am being silly.

Here’s a seal that lives down the street from us.

Here I am when I first wake up. Seriously though, you know it’s cool to have wild seals and sea lions nearby, but what people don’t tell you about that, is that seals and sea lions are actually quite smelly.

Here we are when we went hiking at Mission Trails Park.

Perhaps the most exciting thing was when Claudia made empanadas and one of them contained a greetings of love from a UFO alien.

And another contained a fossilized dinosaur bird.

Oh did I mention that we are training for the half marathon in the Avenue of the Giants? And we’re also registered for the AFC Half Marathon here in sunny San Diego. Also we’re registered for the Marine Corps Marathon. It will be Claudia’s first marathon, and my first in a while. So, I’ve got that going for me, which is good.

Anywho, that’s about all that’s going on here. I miss my friends back in Houston. You guys are very cool. You should come visit. You can sleep on the futon.

Best, Keith.

About Keith Kelleher

A neurobiologist, number cruncher, data miner, runner (lacking only speed), and a kung fu master (lacking only the knowledge of kung fu).
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11 Responses to Hi America, Did I mention…

  1. mommaclark says:

    ~*Waves*~… we’re in California

  2. maringue says:

    greetings from Poland! ;)

  3. benny'lola says:

    congrats on the PhD!! Hard work, but it paid off! As for the “uninterested” bio class…it’s probably over by now, but welcome to the world of teaching. You are now a song and dance man with a degree. Entertain me is the name of the game – I know, been there, done that, now retired and I hand the baton over to YOU. Congrats on a job well done! (even though you don’t know me…

  4. Heather B says:

    Hey Keith. I just thought I would check out your blog to see how you and C were doing. I am glad to see things seem to be going well. How do you like your postdoc? What is C doing? How’s the running. I made the lottery of the Houston Half marathon so I will be doing that in January. Excited. I now belong to both CCFC and BARC. Thanks for introducing me to it all! Miss you guys and best wishes. Email me sometime! hlbrashe@yahoo.com

  5. matnic17 says:

    I hope the move went well and congrats on the PhD.
    I hit the “next blog” button on my blog and it took me to yours. I’m working on a photography project where I take a photo every day. Trying for 365. I’ve mentioned running a few times and so blogger apparently thinks mine is a running blog. I’m currently trying to mention photography words so that it will link me up with other photography blogs. When I first saw yours and several photos I thought I had done it. After I looked closer I realized you are a runner.

  6. debb says:

    Congrats for your PhD. Very nice indeed. But what with the empanadas my mom is doing them also but they look completely different areyou sure that these are empanadas?
    לימודי תואר שני במנהל עסקים

  7. Cool… I think it is called blogging. Awesome job on you PHD, and all.

  8. Tony yaghobi says:

    Lucky i love to go hiking very good exercise

  9. How interesting! I would have loved it. Anyway, it’s ‘blogging’, not ‘blooging’. Just one O.

  10. Andrew corey says:

    Hiii !! Greetins from LA.

    Come around to my blog :D

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