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Hey America,

How have you been? You look good. Well, you don’t look bad anyway.

I am here, writing my dissertation, which may be the reason why I find it urgent to update my blog. Yeah, I was brainstorming what is the best way to formulate the model by which I analyze my data, and it occurred to me that I have not blogged anything in a really long time. I haven’t read any blogs either, so I really don’t know what my old friends are up to.

Mostly I have been only working these past months, and not much time for anything else. I am also teaching two lab classes in Introductory Biology, which is a class full of young Science majors, ready to take the world by its ear and shake it up. In truth, most of them are not very enthusiastic about Science, which is a little sad, at least from my point of view. This is the business of many awesome people, and awesome questions. The biggest questions there are. The human brain, and life, and big bangs, and nanobots, and cancer, and climate change, and evolution, and self-organization, etc. I think I’ll try to get them to focus on that big picture in the few remaining classes.

Anywho, I should get back to my writing.
Best, Keith.

About Keith Kelleher

A neurobiologist, number cruncher, data miner, runner (lacking only speed), and a kung fu master (lacking only the knowledge of kung fu).
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3 Responses to working / teaching

  1. David says:

    Hey?! I was trying to find out how high is the Kemah bridge (I ran the Toughest 10K as a 50th birthday present) and Google took me to your blog- glad to hear from you again. Keep those students on their toes! Take care, David

  2. smartwool says:

    Good luck on your dissertation…..Nice post.

  3. beachbum says:

    hey Im a college student too. Im trying to lose some wieght how do you get the motivation and endurance to run. I could really use all the support and advice. I just created a blog and im new at this whole thing. if you could leave me a comment on my page that would be great!
    if this seems wierd im sorry I just need some advice from someone anyone.

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